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Have you put Petrol in a Diesel car?

Wrong Fuel In CarDon’t start your engine! If you have petrol in a diesel engine then there is a risk of damage to some engine components.

Call Flushfuel on 0845 644 7991. We operate all over the UK and we do our very best to get to our customers within 30 – 60 minutes.

24 hour mobile service. Don’t worry about the time there will always be a Flushfuel engineer available, night or day.

Our charges are amongst the most competitive in the industry because our systems are intelligent and efficient, enabling us to pass the cost saving onto our customers. Most fuel drains are straight forward and our expert engineers will tell you exactly what they need to do with your misfuelled vehicle to sort out your petrol in a diesel car situation.

● Putting petrol into a diesel car is, unfortunately, quite common and in certain cases can be a serious problem. Diesel cars are more popular than ever and more than 160,000 UK motorists a year are affected at an estimated cost of over £800million.

● If the problem is not identified and put right quickly and engine damage then occurs, the cost of engine and fuel system repair can reach £5,000+. Most drivers don’t realise that insurance policies generally don’t cover putting petrol into a diesel car and neither do vehicle warranties in most cases.

Wrong Fuel In Car● It is vital that you arrange for a qualified fuel evacuation engineer to attend to your vehicle as most garages often charge £300+ for a fuel drain due to not carrying the correct equipment to facilitate fast fuel evacuation due to it’s expense and training required to operate it effectively.

● Our Fuel Evacuation engineers cover most areas of the UK and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible. The Flush Fuel team are all fully trained and highly qualified engineers who will ensure that the fuel in your vehicle fuel tank is correctly evacuated with minimum risk of damage to the fuel system of your vehicle.

● Our aim is to ensure a fast and affordable solution if you’ve put petrol in a diesel car, saving you precious time and money on potentially expensive engine repair bills.

● Call FlushFuel now on 0845 644 7991 and we’ll send a fully qualified, 24 hour fast response Fuel Evacuation engineer out to you to drain the fuel tank of your vehicle.

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