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TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology that will result in an amazing overall improvement to the emissions, fuel economy and performance of any vehicle.

The TerraClean technology was originally developed by scientists based in Canada. They were performing research for the Canadian government to develop an engine which had zero emmisions. They achieved their objective, but the advanced technology and the type of fuel used to make this possible would mean an increase to the cost of vehicles, due to the requirement to fit a “reactor” which alters the fuel state at a molecular level. The price increase and also the cost of the refined fuel developed for the project, costing over £40/ litre, meant the concept was not a viable option.

These type of engineering research projects require scrutiny of the condition of the test vehicles utilised. The inspections made during this project showed that the process was not causing carbon build up, which all internal combustion engines usually do, in fact it was causing removal of pre-existing carbon in the engine and also other deposits which build up over time especially due to the use of low quality fuel.

So, even though the Zero Emissions vehicle project was abandoned, the research continued in another direction and the concept of TerraClean Decarbonisation was the result. This technology has been wildly successful with more than 13,000 machines operating in the North American market, mostly at franchised dealer premises. Even though Terraclean technology is relatively new to the UK marketplace, the technology is already demonstrating its value to private vehicle owners and fleet operators. Both are saving money due to lower fuel costs and benefitting the environment due to lower vehicle emissions. By reverting a vehicle engine to its original level of cleanliness as it came off the production line, the fuel efficiency and overall performance are much improved.

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