How We Do It

Flush Fuel – Fuel Evacuation. Here’s How We Do It.

Our Fuel Evacuation engineers will arrive promptly and will waste no time is assessing the type of mis-fuelling that has taken place. The engineer will then go on to identify the particular type of fuel system in your vehicle.

All of the vehicles on our fleet are equipped with well maintained fuel evacuation equipment which our engineers will use to perform the following remedial actions to get your vehicle back on the road:

wrong fuel image● The engineer will first ascertain whether the engine has been started or the ignition turned on. If this is the case, then the vehicle will need to be removed to the repair workshop of your choice for further assessment.

● If the vehicle has not been started and the ignition not switched on, then the fuel tank of your vehicle will be evacuated if more than 10% of its capacity contains the wrong fuel. This would equate to 5 litres in a 50 litre fuel tank. This procedure can be carried out quickly and the contaminated fuel is securely stored for safe transportation to a waste fuel disposal site in accordance with the relevant governing body guidelines.
● The vehicle fuel system will then be flushed to ensure that any trace of the potentially harmful incorrect fuel type is removed.

wrong fuel image● The vehicle will then be refuelled with the correct fuel and our engineer will ensure that the fuel system and indeed the rest of the engine, is working fine in order for you to continue your journey safely.

If you find yourself in a misfuelling situation, call our customer support team as soon as you can on 07546 799181 and we’ll aim to get one of our expert Fuel Evacuation engineers out to you within the hour.

The support team will keep you fully informed and up to date with regards to any remedial action that may need to take place to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle and to enable you to resume your journey as quickly as possible.

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