Please feel free to browse through our testimonials and find out what our clients think of the services we offer:

Mrs Wadsworth from Leighton Buzzard

“I was very grateful for your very fast response yesterday, I mistook the filler at the garage for diesel instead of petrol. I called your number and explained that I had put the wrong fuel in my car and the gentleman I spoke to at Flush Fuel explained what I should do and how long he would be. He did not have to tow my car away and he completed the job there and then. After he had drained the petrol from my tank, I simply filled up again with diesel and was on my way again. He finished my car in under half an hour and said not to worry, everything was fine and lots of people do this sort of thing regularly. Whilst I hope I never put the wrong fuel in my car again I will definitely call you if I do.”

Dale from Rushden

“I was having a really hectic day and stopped off to fill the van with diesel when for some unknown reason I put the wrong fuel in my van. I went on my mobile phone and found Flush Fuel from the Internet and you were there within an hour and drained the petrol from my tank in under half an hour!”

Gill Lees from Dunstable

“I am writing to thank your company from rescuing me from disaster. I borrowed my brothers BMW to go on a long trip. Inadvertently, I put petrol in his diesel car. I phoned the AA I was informed they would be with me as soon as they could and would tow me to a garage. I rang them again after 20mins, they said some one was on their way but they needed a low loader to transport me to a garage to do the fuel drain. My sister in law then tried the Internet and found your number. You were with me in 20 minutes and drained the petrol from the tank in no time. My brother still doesn’t know I put the wrong fuel in the car!”

Mr Cox from Luton

“I am so grateful to your operator and your Company, you saved me a small fortune. I was on my way to a very important meeting I had allowed an extra two hours to be sure to be in time. My mind must have been elsewhere I accidentally put petrol in my diesel car. I rang my breakdown company and they could only guarantee to be within the hour, and then I would have to be towed to the nearest garage and then the fuel drain started, I could see most of the day just melt away, panic filled my whole being. The girl at the garage where this happened had one of your cards, I rang and you were at my car in twenty minutes. The fuel drain was finished in just over an hour from my call to you and I still reached my meeting on time, I am truly grateful for your excellent service and the concern and efficiency shown to me at a time of crisis. Thank you.”

Mr and Mrs Burns from Ampthill

“ABSOLUTELY SUBERB SERVICE, We were on our way to my wife’s sisters in Ludlow when I did a foolish thing and put the wrong fuel in my car, knowing what a problem this would be plus the great length of time it would take to get my wife to our destination I explained my problem to Green Flag and they told me the time schedule and the procedure. I then found you on the Internet on my phone and you arrived in half an hour. After you had drained the fuel from my car, I was on the way again in just over an hour I am very grateful to you and would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone who has the misfortune to misfuel their vehicle.”

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